Ski Trail and Sliding Hill Conditions
March 12, 2016

Park hours are 5:00 AM–10:00 PM. Facility hours vary; see individual listings. For additional information, call the Trail Hotline at 763.559.6778. Ski trail maps are available on each park page.

Baker Park Reserve

All ski trails are CLOSED. Sliding hill is CLOSED. Multi-use trail is CLOSED. Chalet is CLOSED. Updated 02/19/16

Carver Park Reserve

All trails are CLOSED. The sledding hill is CLOSED. Updated 02/19/16

Cleary Lake Regional Park

All ski trails are CLOSED. Updated 02/21/16

Eagle Lake Regional Park

All trails are CLOSED.  Updated 02/19/16

Elm Creek Park Reserve

All trails are now CLOSED.  Multi-Use trail is OPEN for hiking. Updated 03/12/16

French Regional Park

Ski trails are CLOSED. Sliding hill is CLOSED. Trail lights are OFF. Turf and paved trails are OPEN for hiking until the next snow accumulation. The Visitor Center is OPEN from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Updated 02/22/16.

Glen Lake Golf Center

Ski trail is CLOSED.  Updated 02/24/16

Hyland Lake Park Reserve

All Ski Trails are CLOSED. Trail lights are off. Visitor Center is OPEN daily 9:00am-5:00pm. Updated 3/11/16. 

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve

All ski trails are CLOSED.  Mountain Bike and Horse Trails are also CLOSED.  Updated 03/14/16

Upcoming High School Nordic Ski Meets

There are no further High School meets scheduled for the remainder of the season