Adapted Equipment

Three Rivers offers inclusion services to people with disabilities who choose to participate in general recreation and education programs. Advance notice of 14 days is usually sufficient for requests. We will do our best to accommodate requests on shorter notice.

Please be prepared to discuss limitations resulting from your disability and potential accommodations. A photo ID may be required as a deposit for an individual requesting the use of equipment. Contact individual park locations for additional information.

All-terrain Wheelchairs

Can be used in the swim pond or the sand at Lake Minnetonka Regional Park. After the beach season, the chair will be available at Lowry Nature Center in Carver Park. Visit Hippocampe for product information. 

At Elm Creek Swim Pond the Tiralo chair is available to use in the water and on the sand. Visit Tiralo for product information.

Archery Bow Stand

Will assist archers who have difficulty gripping a bow.

Available upon request for scheduled archery programs.

Assistive Listening Device

For classroom situations or meetings when one or more participants with hearing impairment are in the audience. Includes 1 complete system with 2 receivers.

Available at the Administrative Center (1) and can be available at other sites upon request.

Beach Wheelchair (Tiralo)

Floating beach chair for use at guarded swim ponds. Able to accommodate most sizes (max. weight 300 lbs). Must be pulled by someone to the water. Non-swimmers must wear a life vest. 

Available at Elm Creek Park Reserve (1).


The paddling seat consists of pelvic, lateral, lumbar and upper-back supports. It has several vertical adjustments to fit different torso lengths and types.

Available for programs and lessons only.

Digital Camera

The Canon Powershot SX50 includes a remote switch and a flexible tripod that can be attached to a chair or railing. This equipment is helpful for people with unsteady hands or arms and limited mobility. 

Available at Silverwood Park (1) for scheduled groups and programs.

Golf Cart

Solo rider golf cart. Available for golf programs or as a rental cart after an assessment has been completed. 

Available at Eagle Lake Youth Golf Center (1).


Off-road hand-powered cycles are available for people with limited or no use of their lower extremities. They can also be used for people with balance issues. Available for program use on designated trails only. 

Available at:


Outriggers for added stability are available for people with limited lower body movement or balance issues.

Available at:

Scheduled programs and lessons only: Kayaks equipped with adjustable back and side support. Outriggers for added stability and Velcro wrist grips on the paddle for people with limited hand function.

Nordic Walking and Trekking Poles

Used for walking, the poles can assist with balance, help to reduce pressure on joints, and can increase your cardio workout.The Nordic pole strap is secured by Velcro around a person's hand, and there is a hole for the thumb. No charge. Photo ID required. Visit for product information.

Available at: 

PAL (Protect And Locate) Tracking System

The PAL tracking system is worn on the wrist just like a normal wrist watch. The difference with PAL is that it will protect and locate an "at-risk" individual if they wander. Along with the digital watch/transmitter, PAL also has a portable receiver which notifies the caregiver of a wandering event through the use of GSM and GPS technologies.

The device is available to park guests on a first-come, first-served basis, free of charge. A three-day limit applies. Contact Public Safety at 763.694.7730 to reserve a unit. Note: The PAL unit is meant to assist with – but is not a substitute for – monitoring of vulnerable individuals.

Pulk – KinderShuttle

Used by adults to pull children while skiing. Harness is designed to pull a 60-pound child. Fits pre-set tracks or can be used to skate ski. Rental item.

Available at: 

Pulk Sled

For winter nature center and recreation programs. Sling seat, shoulder harness in front for pulling, handles on back for pushing. Short poles for independent use. Allows individuals with mobility impairment to get out on cross-country ski and snowshoe trails (with assistance).

Available at:


Used as a rental item at a cross-country ski facility or with outdoor education programs. Lightweight aluminum frame with seat sling mounted on cross-country skis to be used by individuals with mobility impairments in or out of the groomed ski trail track. Individual propels the sit-ski by use of double poling technique. Kiwi brand sit-ski. Visit for product information.
Note: Hyland Hills Ski Area offers an adaptive downhill ski lesson program through Courage Kenny, which provides equipment.

Available at:


Models are the Breezy Ultra 4 (adult size) and the Viper Pediatric (child size). There is no charge for use.

Available at: