Three Rivers Free Digital Learning

Welcome to Three Rivers digital learning! Via social media, we're bringing the outdoors to you, no matter where you are. Tune in to explore nature, meet farm animals, try new art projects and more. Browse below for programming that interests you, follow us on social media, or see the full line-up of programs on our YouTube channel.

See what's happening on the farm! Learn about beekeeping, farm-to-table cooking, farm animals and more.

Learn how to disc golf, slackline, geocache and more with the Three Rivers Outdoor Recreation School!

From fireflies to fairy shrimp to wood ducks and more, learn all about the wildlife that live in Three Rivers.

Make art with Silverwood! Try your hand at watercolors, pressed plant projects, paper mache and more.

Watch as Three Rivers historical interpreters share the history of everyday items like the sewing machine, street names, bathrooms and more.

Build your skills with videos on mapping, using a compass and more. Or learn how to cook with fire and discover new tasty treats like pizzaritos, stickbread and pie iron french toast.

See what interesting items our naturalists find in their neighborhoods and watch as they share fun facts and experiment with them. 

Keep Learning

Read, discover and explore the stories of your parks on the Three Rivers blog.

Join us as we wander from park to park and discuss the stories of the past, the nature in our present, and how they have shaped our parks.

Learn more about nature with outdoor activities from the Baker Outdoor Learning Center!