Three Rivers Park District is committed to providing inclusive and accessible opportunities for people of all abilities. We strive to meet and exceed the requirements of the Americans with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through our services, facilities, recreational opportunities, programs and more. 


Free inclusion services may be available for individuals and groups visiting the parks and participating in programs. These services include (but are not limited to):

  • Print materials in Braille, larger print, audio and/or computer disk
  • Sign language interpretation during programs
  • Inclusion assistants during programs
  • Sensory-friendly services 
  • Adapted equipment

Please call 763-559-9000 (for relay services dial 711) or email to request free modifications and learn about available options. A two-week advance notice best ensures we can fulfill your request, but we do our best to accommodate on shorter notice.

Sensory-Friendly Services

Three Rivers offers sensory-friendly services at French Regional Park, Lowry Nature Center, Richardson Nature Center and Silverwood Park where you will find:

  • Sensory support kits to borrow that include: noise-reducing headphones, ear plugs, nose plugs, sunglasses, variety of fidgets, weighted blankets, and other sensory supports.
  • Three Rivers staff who have received training from the Autism Society of Minnesota.
  • A quiet space to take a break.

Before You Visit

Review the social narratives for French Regional Park and Lowry Nature Center, and take a virtual tour of French Play Area, Richardson Nature Center, Lowry Nature Center and Silverwood Visitor Center.

Adapted Equipment

Adapted equipment is available for programs and recreational opportunities.

Adapted Programs

Nearly all of our program offerings can be adapted or modified. Please call 763-559-9000 (for relay services dial 711) or email to request free modifications and learn about available options.

We also offer a variety of adapted programs throughout the year and partner with several organizations:

Support Adapted Programming

Make a donation today and help make active, outdoor lifestyles available for all abilities.

Mobility Devices

Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMD) may be used to assist persons with mobility disabilities to more fully enjoy park areas, facilities and trails. Contact us at or 763-559-9000 to obtain an annual user tag, and review our OPDMD Guidelines for more information. 


The concepts of universal design are fundamental to development and redevelopment of buildings and amenities. Our parks and trails are in a variety of urban and rural settings with varying degrees of development and accessibility.

Please call 763-559-9000 (for relay services dial 711) or email to inquire about accessible areas and facilities at the park you plan to visit.

ADA Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan

Find out how our policies, programs and facilities were evaluated for compliance with the ADA by reviewing our ADA Transition Plan.

Accessibility Feedback

If you have a suggestion or complaint that a program, service or recreational opportunity at Three Rivers Park District is not accessible for persons with disabilities, please contact the Director of Facility Services at or 763-559-9000. Review our Grievance Procedure.