Elm Creek Singletrack Trail

Grab your mountain bike and explore 12.7 miles of sustainable trail. Located in the northeast corner of Elm Creek Park Reserve, the singletrack trail is the largest trail of its kind in the northern metro. Built to accommodate all skill levels of riders, the track features 2.2 miles of trail with a difficulty rating of "easy," 8.1 miles of trail rated "more difficult," and 2.4 miles of trail rated "most difficult."

More about Elm Creek Singletrack trail

Designed and maintained in partnership with volunteers from Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists (MORC), the trail provides an intimate experience with the natural surroundings for mountain bikers, hikers, snowshoers and trail runners. The 2.2 miles of trail rated “easy” are also designed to be accessible to riders using adapted hand-powered mountain bikes. The sustainable design of this trail reduces erosion and maintenance needs and makes the trail experience more enjoyable.

Trail Conditions – open

With consideration for the sensitive nature of the trails and our stainability efforts, mountain bike trails are occasionally closed due to wet conditions. Please call Elm Creek Park Reserve to check trail conditions, or check the Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists website.

Programs and Events

Upcoming mountain biking programs and events.

Upcoming Events


June 05, 2017

Portions of the paved bike trail will be closed for resurfacing between May 30 and June 30.

May 02, 2017

Portions of trails in the north-east portion of Elm Creek Park Reserve will be closed for Elm Creek Flood Control Improvement work in the area.

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