Dog Off-Leash

It's so fun to run at top speeds, chase your friends and play fetch. No, not you. Your dog! Off-leash areas are designated sites where dogs are given the freedom to run and interact with other dogs. The exercise and socialization a dog gets during this off-leash play time helps maintain its mental and physical health. Dog parks at Three Rivers include both fenced and unfenced off-leash areas where you can let your dog run while you enjoy the scenic surroundings and meet other owners. You won't have to wonder if your furry friend is having fun. That wagging tail says it all.

Dog off leash area acres

Bryant, 9.3; fenced
Carver, 27; fenced
Cleary, 28; fenced
Crow-Hassan, 40; unfenced
Elm Creek, 29; fenced
Fish Lake, 6.7; fenced
Lake Sarah, adjacent to Lake Rebecca Park Reserve, 29.5; fenced
Murphy-Hanrehan, 3; fenced
Spring Lake, 10; fenced


Daily Passes

Passes are $6* and may be purchased online or at pay boxes located at each dog off-leash area.
A one-time credit of a $6* daily dog off-leash pass can be applied to the cost of an annual dog off-leash pass when purchased in person at staffed park facilities or by mail at the Three Rivers Park District Administrative Center.

Annual Passes

  • Annual passes are $45 plus tax and may be purchased online, by calling 763.559.6700, or at the following Park District facilities: Cleary Lake Visitor Center, Eastman Nature Center, Lowry Nature Center and the Administrative Office.
  • If you purchase your pass online or over the phone, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email which will serve as your seven-day temporary pass. You can expect to receive your recreation pass card in the mail in about one week.
  • If you already have a recreation pass card, the newly purchased annual pass will be immediately added to your card.
  • Valid for members of the same household and are otherwise non-transferable.

Replacement Passes

Recreation pass cards can be replaced if lost or damaged for a $5* fee. Call 763.559.6700 to request a replacement card.

*Sales tax not included.

Updated Dog Policy

In June 2019, we made some changes to our dog policy to make it easier to enjoy the outdoors with your four-legged friend. Review the new policy and see FAQs about dogs in Three Rivers.

Off-Leash Area Rules

Three Rivers has specific policies for dogs in off-leash areas. For the safety of all park users, please adhere to these policies. Violation of any of these rules and conditions can lead to a citation and/or revocation of your pass. The Park District reserves the right to reject or cancel passes for any reason and will restrict days or times of use as necessary. View the Dog Off-leash Area Guidelines and Etiquette Information.

  • All off-leash area users must carry a pass with them.
    • Pass fees are per household; each family member must have their own pass.
    • If you have an annual pass but forget it, purchase a day pass to avoid a citation/fine. Lost annual pass cards can be replaced for a nominal fee at a staffed facility or by calling 763.559.6700. Annual passes are valid for 12 months from purchase.
  • Dogs MUST be under handler’s control.
  • Maximum two dogs per handler.
  • Clean up after your dog.
  • Aggressive behavior is not acceptable.
  • Proof of rabies vaccination must be in possession.
  • Dogs outside of off-leash area must be leashed.
  • Children ages 15 and younger must be supervised by an adult.

All other Park Ordinances must be followed.

Recreation Pass Plus is available for families and individuals who are experiencing financial difficulty and live in Hennepin County. It includes free equipment rentals and recreation passes⁠ — including dog off-leash area passes ⁠— and discounts on programs and events.

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Other things to do

Dog Trails - On Leash

Dog Trails

A white french bulldog wearing a pink vest walks an a paved path in the snow.

Three Rivers offers abundant scenery for you and your dog to enjoy year round, with paved, turf, regional and skijoring/dog sledding trails that are dog-friendly. Dogs must be on a six-foot non-retractable leash unless in a designated dog off-leash area. Owners must pick-up after their dogs.



Two girls using a GPS unit

Geocaching is a family-friendly, high-tech treasure hunt that combines respect for the environment with a sense of adventure.

Horse Trails

Horseback Riding

a person on a horse

If you have a horse and are looking for a place to ride, Three Rivers has miles of scenic horse trails to choose from. Natural woodlands and grasslands provide a beautiful setting for horseback riders.

Nature Education

Nature Education

Two boys build a fire in the winter.

If you want to get up close and personal or learn a little more, try visiting one of our nature centers. At Eastman, Lowry, or Richardson Nature Centers, you can hike the trails, interact with seasonal exhibits, observe up close the unique characteristics of different wildlife species, conduct your own science experiment and meet a live animal. 

Skijoring and Dog Sledding

Skijoring & Dog Sledding

Women on skis with dog pulling

If you have a dog with some pent-up winter energy, bring it to Three Rivers Parks for fun exercise where we have designated trails for skijoring and dog sledding.