Geocaching is a family-friendly, high-tech treasure hunt that combines respect for the environment with a sense of adventure. This activity involves placing or looking for a cache using global positioning system (GPS) equipment.

How to Geocache

The treasure hunt is initiated when an individual hides a cache—normally a waterproof container with small items inside—and records its location with a GPS unit. That person then posts the GPS coordinates and a description of the cache on the official geocaching website. Other participants, called geocachers, will try to find the cache using the coordinates. When a cache is found, the geocacher signs a logbook, then takes an item from the cache and leaves a new one for others.

Programs & Events

Upcoming geocaching programs and events.

Rent GPS Units

GPS units are available to the public at select parks only. If you would like to try geocaching in our other parks, search for a program with Three Rivers, or talk to our Outdoor Recreation School about a group program.


Three Rivers supports geocaching in most of the parks. Geocaching rules have been determined with the help of our Natural Resources division to minimize the impact of the activity on the environment.

Please review the following rules when placing or retrieving caches:

  • Geocaching is allowed in regional parks and park reserves within Three Rivers Park District.
  • Geocaches must be registered with Three Rivers Park District using the Geocache Site Registration Form.
  • Geocaching is not allowed at Noerenberg Gardens or The Landing, or on regional trails.
  • Placement of geocaches is not allowed at the following facilities within parks: golf courses, campgrounds, reservation picnic areas, creative play areas or beaches.
  • Placement of geocaches is restricted to within 25 feet of a trail center line, and must not involve disturbance of the park environment.
  • There is no maximum limit to the number of geocaches placed within a specific park; however, geocaches must not be placed within 0.25 miles of another geocache.
  • Placement of geocaches within maintained landscape plantings is prohibited.
  • Geocaches are not to contain items that are offensive, dangerous, or illegal.
  • Access to geocaches will be subject to the Park District ordinance including hours of operation, designated trail uses, maintenance standards and natural resources management activities.
  • Three Rivers Park District retains the right to remove a cache if determined to be in an inappropriate location, or if it is not  registered with the Park District.

More information about geocaching can be found with the Minnesota Geocaching Association.

Other Things To Do



Camping tent and fire

Fall asleep to the sound of crickets and wake up with the sunrise. Camping is the stuff memories are made of and at Three Rivers, you’ll find all the fun of camping without the long car trip. Campgrounds are located at Baker, Carver and Cleary Lake

Nature Education

Nature Education

A naturalist shows a jar of pond water to a young boy.

If you want to get up close and personal or learn a little more, visit Mississippi Gateway Regional Park and Eastman, Lowry or Richardson nature centers. You can hike the trails, interact with seasonal exhibits, observe the unique characteristics of different wildlife species up close, conduct your own science experiment and meet a live animal. 

Picnic Area

Picnic Areas

multi-generational family at a picnic table

Make new memories eating al fresco at a Three Rivers park picnic area in a beautiful, natural setting. All sites have picnic tables, and most sites have other basic amenities including water fountains and permanent grills. Look for a peaceful, serene location or set up just steps from a rip-roaring play area.

Play Area

Play Areas

Colorful play area with slides and climbing strutures

Create new memories at our play areas. Three Rivers has multiple areas designed for varying ages and abilities where toddlers to teens can let their imagination run wild. Monkey business never sounded so fun.



girl sledding on her stomach with her arms extended like an airplane

It’s easy to feel like a kid again in Three Rivers, where you'll find some of the best sledding hills in town. Just bundle up and grab a sled for hours of exhilarating fun.