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skijoring Skijoring & Dog Sledding

Most of us are familiar with dog sledding, the sport where a dog or team of dogs pulls a person on a sled. Skijoring is similar, except the person is on cross-country skis. If you have a dog with some pent-up winter energy, bring it to Three Rivers Parks for fun winter exercise where we have designated trails for skijoring and dog sledding. Please note the following caveats:

  • Designated cross-country ski trails at Cleary Lake and Eagle Lake regional parks allow skijoring. A cross-country ski pass is required to use these trails. These trails are groomed frequently. Note: If a ski race is scheduled at either park, the trail will be closed to skijoring.
  • Multi-use trails at Baker, Crow-Hassan, Elm Creek, and Murphy-Hanrehan park reserves do not require a pass or permit. Multi-use trails generally will allow skijoring, dog sledding, leashed dog-walking, hiking, and snowshoeing. Trails are open during daylight hours only.
  • Dog sleds with rubber wheels are allowed on snowmobile trails only at Murphy-Hanrehan and Crow-Hassan park reserves during the fall/winter season until the trails are snow-covered. A special use permit is required; call 763.559.9000.

Detailed information on dog sledding and skijoring trails is available on the winter map for each park page.

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