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dog off leash Dog Off-leash

It's so fun to run at top speeds, chase your friends and play fetch. No, not you. Your dog! Off-leash areas are designated sites where dogs are given the freedom to run and interact with other dogs. The exercise and socialization a dog gets during this off-leash play time helps maintain its mental and physical health.

Our parks have both fenced and unfenced off-leash areas where you can let your dog run while you enjoy the scenic surroundings and meet other owners. You won't have to wonder if your furry friend is having fun. That wagging tail says it all.

Dog handlers and guests should read and understand the rules and agreements prior to visiting our dog off-leash areas.

arrow graphic Check out our YouTube video of a dog off-leash area in action.

Where to find it

What you need

Dog Off-leash Passes
A pass is required to use any of the dog off-leash areas.

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