Jobs & Internships

Work where you play! Three Rivers offers jobs and internship programs that will help you build your resume, learn new skills and gain a better understanding of nature and the environment.

Interested in learning more about career opportunities in the parks? We can help you set up job shadowing and informational interviews with someone whose career interests you. Start exploring today!

Pathways is a paid internship that offers a variety of opportunities including outdoor education, park maintenance, recreation and more.

See All Job Opportunities

Three Rivers offers several seasonal, part-time and temporary job opportunities for people 16 and older. Teach longboarding lessons, help maintain parks and gardens, be a driving range attendant or work in a coffee shop as a barista. Browse the full list of job openings at Three Rivers.

Job shadowing and informational interviews are great ways to learn more about a career that interests you. At Three Rivers, we can help pair you with someone whose job is exciting to you.

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Pathways Into the Parks

By: Harshita Somani

August 10, 2021

The Pathways Internship program introduces teenagers to various roles throughout Three Rivers Park District, giving them an opportunity to explore different career paths. Follow along with Harshita Somani, the 2021 marketing intern, as she relays her experience in the program this summer.