Job Shadowing & Informational Interviews

a teen girl job shadowing a woman at gale woods farm. They are standing in a green house.Job shadowing and informational interviews are great ways to learn more about a career that interests you. At Three Rivers, we can help pair you with someone whose job is exciting to you.

What Is Job Shadowing?

Job shadowing is just what it sounds like: You will be assigned to a staff member, and you will follow along with them as they work. This is a great way to see for yourself what a specific job looks like. You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions about their work and the path they took to get there. You may spend a few hours or a full day shadowing someone, depending on your goals and the availability of staff.

What are Informational Interviews?

Informational interviews are a low-pressure, highly productive way to learn about a job, get career advice and build your network. They are opportunities for you to talk with professionals about their career path, profession, organization and industry. These conversations can take place via phone or video conference, but they're especially impactful when conducted in-person. They are an easy way to get some basic information, and many Three Rivers professionals are more than willing to share what they know!
The interview may sound intimidating but remember that you are not being interviewed; you are doing the interviewing. Before your interview you’ll want to prepare questions to ask; this will ensure the conversation goes smoothly. Interviews usually last about 20–30 minutes.

How to Connect

Interested in setting up job shadowing or an informational interview? Three Rivers Park District staff are happy to connect with any middle school to college-aged students. Review the types of jobs you can explore and then complete the Job Shadowing and Informational Interview Interest Form

  • Arts Education
  • Farm Education
  • Historical Interpretation
  • Recreational Instruction
  • Nature Education
  • Natural Resources Management