Three Rivers 2040 System Plan

Our vision is that every person can connect with nature every day.

The 2040 System Plan, adopted on July 9, 2020, presents our strategic priorities for the next 20 years, providing guidance for decision making, resource allocation and focus areas. We recognize our world is changing, and we need to change with it to protect our natural resources, remain relevant and best serve all of our community members.

This plan calls for establishing a system of offerings as diverse as the natural resources it is intended to protect and the people we are responsible to serve. It also recognizes that people are at different places on their journey connecting with nature, requiring different strategies to best support them. It calls for creating a culture of inclusivity, so everyone feels invited and welcome at Three Rivers.

Read the entire 2040 System Plan, the Executive Summary or explore our three goals below.

Our communities are changing, and we need to change with them. Our goal is to be welcoming and convenient to all people.

We have the potential to positively impact health and wellness, wildlife habitat, air and water quality and overall interest in nature in our region. Our goal is to be essential to vibrant, healthy and livable communities.

We are caretaker to some of the region's most precious natural resources, parks, trails and nature-based offerings. Our goal is to be intentional and innovative in meeting the needs of today while anticipating and protecting the needs of tomorrow.

How We Created the Plan

To better understand the community’s needs, we reached out to the general public, park visitors, trail users, partners, underrepresented community groups, volunteers and staff to learn how we could better help them connect to nature. Through online surveys, pop-up events and in-depth conversations, we collected thousands of ideas and insights that guided the development of this plan.

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