Alcohol Policy

Certain kinds of alcoholic beverages are permitted at all Three Rivers parks. No alcohol will be consumed on Three Rivers Park District premises by any person under the legal age. Valid identification may be requested by Park District security, catering staff or Park District staff of any person(s) who appear to be under age at any time during your event. All guests must have a valid ID if they plan to consume alcoholic beverages.

Beer, wine, ciders, hard lemonades and other malt-based, single-serving beverages — Permitted in glass bottles or cans only. 

Alcoholic beverages served in kegs, barrels, boxed wine or bulk containers — Prohibited, unless authorized by special use permit. (See below.)

Hard liquor — Not allowed anywhere on Park District property.

Special Use Permits

A special use permit is required in order to serve beer or wine from kegs, barrels or other bulk tap containers. To acquire a permit, the individual making the request must:

  • Have a confirmed reservation for a Park District picnic shelter, room or pavilion.
  • Have a valid confirmed contract with a Three Rivers preferred caterer.
  • Contact your caterer to secure a special use permit to serve alcohol from a keg or bulk container.

How to Request a Special Use Permit

To request a special use permit, please email a minimum of two weeks prior to the event date. Please include the date and park location of the event in your request.

Security Services

Security service is required when the rental time period extends beyond 8 PM at Silverwood, Elm Creek Chalet and Gale Woods.

A security fee of $240 is charged. The security fee is charged in addition to the rental fee and any other fees associated with the facility rental.

Any permit or reservation may be revoked upon violation by the permitted party of any ordinance, rule or regulation of the Park District. Furthermore, the permitted party may be charged with a misdemeanor for which a sentence of not more than 90 days or a fine of not more than $700, or both, may be imposed. See the complete ordinance.