Activities to Try

Have you ever designed your own miniature park or tried to predict how water will flow? Expand your knowledge of the natural world with these science activities from the Baker Outdoor Learning Center.

New activities will be posted here each week and on Facebook every Monday at 11 AM. Check out the activity plans below, then show us what you learned on Facebook or Instagram!

Activity Plans

Scavenger Hunt

See how many items you can find in nature in this creative scavenger hunt

Mini Three Rivers Park

Use your imagination to design a park for ants.

Water Mapping

Can you predict where water will flow? Find out in this water mapping activity.

Natural Boat Run

Try building your own boat out of natural materials then see if it floats!

Mystery Mapper

Draw a map, hide a treasure and see if a buddy can find it in Mystery Mapper.

Animal Tracking

Search for evidence of animals that live around you in this tracking activity!


See how many signs of spring you can spot in Spring-Go!

Searching for Insects

Did you know there are small worlds hiding under rocks and logs? Go searching for insects in your backyard!


See how nature can inspire you to get creative with nature art!

Nighttime Activities

Enjoy the outdoors after the sun goes down with these after-dark activities.

Spray-Bottle Spectacular

Make a rainbow or investigate spiderwebs with a spray bottle!

Decomposition Modeling

Create a visual representation of what happens when plants decompose!

Free Your Feet! Barefoot Experiences

Connect to nature through your feet with barefoot experiences!

Team Building

Help build your team with these group challenges.

Tracking Tunnel

Find out what critters are living in your yard with this tracking tunnel project!

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