What Is Transportation Fee Assistance?

Transportation fee assistance is designed to connect people with the park facilities, programs, and natural spaces with an emphasis on new visitors and those who would otherwise be unable to visit the parks.

Who Can Apply?

Organizations in Hennepin County or Scott County that have need for transportation funding to visit a Three Rivers Park District location may apply for transportation fee assistance. 

How Do I Apply for Transportation Fee Assistance?

You can apply online or by calling 763-559-6700. 

When Will I Know If My Application Is Approved?

After submitting an application, please allow one week for Three Rivers to respond. Your fee assistance is not granted until you have received a confirmation email with additional instructions from Three Rivers staff.

Once the transportation fee assistance is granted, the group leader will receive additional instructions about program and site reservations. 

Who Reserves the Transportation?

Transportation fee assistance recipients are responsible for arranging their own transportation; Three Rivers staff will not reserve a bus/van for your visit.

Within four weeks of your visit to the park, please submit an invoice to Three Rivers staff for the transportation services. Three Rivers will reimburse for the approved transportation service upon receiving the invoice.

Do I Have to Pay Drop-Off Fees?

No. Group drop-off permit fees will be waived for transportation fee assistance recipients who wish to utilize park amenities such as the beaches or play areas. Shelter/facility fees will not be waived.

How Do I Reserve A Program or Facility?

Please call 763-559-6700 or learn more about how to reserve programs or facilities. Completing this application does NOT reserve a program or facility reservation with Three Rivers Park District sites.

How Many Trips Does Transportation Fee Assistance Cover?

Transportation fee assistance is limited to two trips per group during the granting period (September–August). For schools, one grade level = one group regardless of size. You may apply for more than one group/grade level per school.

  • Example: ‘School A’ may apply for Grade 1 to visit two times and may also apply for Grade 4 to visit two times.

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