Hammock & Slackline Use Guidelines

Hammocks and slacklines are allowed in Three Rivers parks under the following guidelines:

  • They may only be use in mown active-use areas of parks or along trails. Some areas may be posted as closed for slacklines and hammocks for environmental or cultural resource protection or visitor safety.
  • Trees must be at least 12 inches in diameter at the point of attachment (if the tree moves when you are on the line or in the hammock, the tree is too small).
  • Flat nylon webbing, 2” in width or more must be used. Rope attachments are not allowed.
  • Additional bark protection must be used around the tree, such as a tree saver strap or a padded cloth/cushion.
  • Attachments must be to the tree trunk, not to a limb.
  • No more than one attachment can be placed per tree. Multiple attachments may not be stacked.
  • Height of a slackline attachment may not exceed three feet above the ground.
  • Height of the hammock attachment may not exceed six feet above the ground.