Art at Silverwood

Explore art inside Silverwood's Visitor Center! Art can be found around every corner. Walk through the gallery space to see larger installations or wander down the halls to see smaller exhibitions.
The gallery has hosted artwork from numerous artists since the visitor center opened in 2009, and focuses on elevating local artists that explore nature themes. From one-person shows to group shows, Silverwood has created a home for contemporary visual art in a variety of mediums.
Exhibitions rotate throughout the year.

Current Exhibitions

May 14–26, 2024

Opening receptions: Wednesday, May 15, and Thursday, May 16, from 5–7 PM

Columbia Heights School District (all schools, from elementary through high school)

Upcoming Exhibitions

June 6–July 31, 2024

Opening reception: Thursday, June 6, from 6–8 PM

Liz Sexton

Photograph. Person standing in front of body of water with trees in the background. No leaves. Blue sky. Person wearing a black and tan patterned cardigan and jeans with hands in pockets of cardigan. Person’s head is coverd by a large paper mâché mask of a beaver. Besides the size, the features are realistic.
North American Beaver Mask, paper mâché, broom bristles, acrylic paint, 2024 photography by Ben Toht.

Watershed is a collection of paper mâché sculptures of wildlife that inhabit waterways from the source of the Mississippi River to the seas. The accompanying images of animal masks worn in a human-shaped world invite the viewer to explore our connection to nature and consider the far-reaching impact we have on aquatic ecosystems.  

June 6–July 31, 2024

Opening reception: Thursday, June 6, from 6–8 PM

Echo Trail 
Laura Ahola-Young

Mixed media. Mostly brown, black and light green. Parts of a decaying tree truck and branches. Some foliage present. Smaller details that appear microscopic. Washes of watercolor and fine line work balance the art.
Eastern White Cedar, watercolor, ink and graphite on paper, 16"x20", 2022.

Echo Trail reflects Ahola-Young’s investigation of Critical Plant Theory, a new inquiry in the humanities that examines the human/plant relationship. Her paintings celebrate plants found in her homeland, the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, and look closer at algae, the study of photosynthesis, microscopic details, and the role of oxygen and carbon in climate change. This exhibition asks viewers to consider their own relationship with plants.

a round metal sculpture on three angled legs. It looks like a UFO.

Art on Foot

Looking for more art? Step outside! Take virtual tours of the art-on-foot poetry trail and sculpture trail at Silverwood.