Art at Silverwood

Explore art inside Silverwood's Visitor Center! Art can be found around every corner. Walk through the gallery space to see larger installations or wander down the halls to see smaller exhibitions.
The gallery has hosted artwork from numerous artists since the visitor center opened in 2009, and focuses on elevating local artists that explore nature themes. From one-person shows to group shows, Silverwood has created a home for contemporary visual art in a variety of mediums.
Exhibitions rotate throughout the year.

Opportunities for Artists

Call for Art

Silverwood Park is seeking proposals for consideration for the 2025 gallery season in the Silverwood Park Gallery and Annex Gallery in the visitor center.

Deadline: January 15, 2024

Learn more and apply.

Current Exhibitions

October 12–December 17, 2023

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 12, from 6–8 PM

A juried show as selected by Tessa Beck

Monumental sand dunes, boats on the water, smoke from wildfires, displacement due to environmental crisis... We observe constant states of drift, some exacerbated by human activity. The word drift refers to movement driven by an outside force. What does it mean to be moved or carried without guidance or control? When we drift, we are reminded of our ability to adapt, change, and intervene. Engaging with environmental challenges provides an opportunity to refresh our perspective and curiosity and set our course.

A mossy structure.
Megan Vossler; Ruin, moss, mixed media, 2016.

The following artists were selected by juror Tessa Beck to exhibit work that explores drift as it relates to the natural world: Cesar Ceballos, Vincent DeZutti, Ariana Engle, Kristina Estell, Milez Estelle, Kiera Faber, Jean H. Howard, Ken Johnson, Emily Lehman, Thomas Moberg, Stephanie L. Paine, Gwen Partin, John Pearson, Shen Pei, Bonnie Ploger, Alan Paine Radebaugh, Marisa Rapezzi, Jes Reyes, Josh Sands, Susan Solomon, Erika Terwilliger, Jose Trejo-Maya, Amy Usdin, Megan Vossler, Katelin Walczyk, Barbara Wallace, Forrest Wasko, Jennifer Weigel, Kimberly Wetzel

a round metal sculpture on three angled legs. It looks like a UFO.

Art on Foot

Looking for more art? Step outside! Take virtual tours of the art-on-foot poetry trail and sculpture trail at Silverwood.