Share feedback about future regional trail route

July 20, 2023

Three Rivers Park District is planning the next phase of the CP Rail Regional Trail Long-range Plan, and the public has the opportunity to share feedback about which potential trail route they prefer. This planning phase focuses on segments through Golden Valley and St. Louis Park between the Luce Line and Cedar Lake Regional Trails. Three Rivers has identified potential route options for the trail, and the public is invited to share feedback about which option would be best.

In-person and virtual open houses are taking place in late July and early August, and a survey and interactive map are open through Labor Day on

The CP Rail Regional Trail is envisioned as a north-south multi-use, nonmotorized recreational trail corridor between the Crystal Lake Regional Trail in Crystal at Becker Park and the Minnesota Valley State Trail in Bloomington. The regional trail is being planned in segments to allow for thoughtful community engagement and detailed route analysis.

The original vision for the regional trail was to utilize the CP Rail corridor; however, this is not currently feasible and alternative routes are needed in order to provide a safe, comfortable and continuous north-south regional trail for people walking and biking in the near future. The long-range planning efforts will identify and study alternative routes to determine which option(s) best balances public preference, feasibility, cost, private property impacts, and safety. Learn more about the potential trail and share feedback.