Three Rivers Conducts Prescribed Burns

April 30, 2019

Three Rivers Park District is now conducting prescribed burns and will continue until Memorial Day. Burns will take place in a number of parks with the largest burns taking place in Crow-Hassan, Carver, Murphy-Hanrehan, Hyland Lake, and Elm Creek park reserves. The timing of the burns in each park will vary depending on wind and weather conditions; exact dates cannot be given more than 48 hours prior to the burn. Burns will mainly be conducted between mid-morning and early evening, Monday through Friday. An occasional Saturday burn may be scheduled if weather conditions limit weekday burns. 

The Park District uses prescribed burns as a tool to manage prairies and woodlands. The fires help control invasive species, increase native plant growth, and improve quality wildlife habitat.  

The Wildlife and Forestry sections have detailed plans for each burn. The plans include safety issues, weather needs, wind direction, equipment, and staff needs. Fire plans are approved by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which issues burn variances. Burn permits are also obtained from local fire departments. Area fire departments are notified at the start of each fire.

All efforts are made to keep smoke away from homes, but some areas will be able to smell smoke for a short period of time. Caution signs will be posted at park access roads, trails, and adjacent roads to alert park users and nearby motorists.

The prescribed burns are very noticeable because of the tall plumes of smoke that can be seen for miles. This smoke is normally short-lived, with most fires taking less than an hour to complete.  

If you have any additional questions on Three Rivers Park District’s burn program, please visit the Prairies page or contact