5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

By: Alyssa Schauer

April 22, 2019

Category: Sustainability

Happy Earth Day! 

Today marks the 49th anniversary of the national holiday that gives a voice to the environment and implements an emerging awareness of human impact on the planet.

To contribute to this global movement and help protect the natural world, here are five ways to celebrate Earth Day today and every day:

1. Explore Your Own Backyard

monarch butterfly on purple flowering plants

Go for a walk or stroll through your backyard or in your neighborhood, and take in the sights and sounds of the world around you. Listen for bird songs, observe any wildlife you see and note the trees and plants growing in your area.

Tip: Bring a journal and write down what you see, smell, and hear on your backyard adventure. Are there squirrels chasing up and down tall oak trees? How many birds can you hear? Did you see any insects? Record what you enjoyed most about your time outside and share those details with your family and friends!

Simply observing the life around you increases your awareness and provides an understanding of what's happening in the natural world every day.

2. Visit a Nature Center

kid holding a frog in his hands

Nature centers are an excellent place to learn more about the plants and animals indigenous to the area and a great option to get up close and personal with wildlife!

Plan a visit with your family or friends to a nature center near you and meet snakes, amphibians, birds, and more. Learn about the unique characteristics of these animals from our staff of naturalists and discover the importance of environmental stewardship to protect these species and the habitats they live in.

3. Spend a Day in the Park

wildflowers in bloom along a paved trail

Immersing yourself in nature is a beautiful way to celebrate the earth and connect with the outdoors!

Get out for a hike through the woods or go for a bike ride along forested trails. Pack a picnic lunch and bask in the natural beauty around you or go for a paddle around your favorite lake.

Enjoying the natural world and all it has to offer can be a great reminder of why it’s so important to preserve and protect it.

Follow tips from Leave No Trace to reduce your impact during your visit. 

4. Volunteer

person collecting seeds in a prairie

Help the natural world by volunteering! There are a number of ongoing and seasonal opportunities to get involved at Three Rivers, including invasive species removal, prairie seed collection, Adopt A Trail and more.

5. Practice Community Science

person looking through binoculars on a gravel trail in the prairie

Community science is voluntary participation in scientific research. It offers the opportunity to collaborate with professional scientists by collecting data from the natural world. 

Community science projects include:

This Earth Day, discover what interests you and be part of a global effort to celebrate the planet and find answers to real-world questions.

About the Author

Alyssa wearing a hat and flannel.

Alyssa Schauer is part of the marketing team at Three Rivers. She formerly worked as a journalist at a small-town newspaper and volunteered with the Minnesota Conservation Corps to clear and maintain trails in Superior National Forest and the Boundary Waters. Outside of work, she spends time in the woods looking at everything up close (especially ferns and spiders!) and enjoys canoeing with her husband, playing Nintendo and raising a pride of four naughty, darling cats.


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