Medicine Lake Regional Trail at Fish Lake Regional Park

Three Rivers Park District Department of Public Safety is the law enforcement agency responsible for providing a safe environment for park guests and employees. Public Safety officers strive to provide an excellent park experience for our visitors by protecting the facilities, trails, and natural resources of the Park District. The main goal of Public Safety is to educate park guests on the use of the parks and the Three Rivers Park District Ordinances and state statutes.

The Department of Public Safety is a full service POST-recognized law enforcement agency comprised of command staff, administrative staff, Park Police Officers, and campground and large event security. We use a variety of specialized patrol methods including bicycle, ATV, snowmobile, and boat in addition to traditional squad patrol.

Public Safety Officers

Three Rivers Park District Department of Public Safety offers a unique, non-traditional environment for law enforcement professionals. Our patrol officers go through an extensive Field Training program to learn the nuances of park law enforcement. Our area of patrol includes 20 different parks spanning almost 27,000 acres.  We also patrol 150 miles of regional and in-park trails as well as over 200 miles of turf trails in various parks.

Park Police Officers are sworn, licensed police officers trained to respond to medical emergencies and accidents which may occur in or near our parks and trails. All Park Police Officers are certified First Responders or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).