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Luce Line Regional Trail

Hours: 5:00 AM–10:00 PM
Length: 9 miles

From the heart of the city, to the doorstep of the great Minnesota Prairie the Luce Line Regional Trail is your link from urban to rural.

Nearly 9 miles of paved trail will give you views from wooded bridges overlooking Bassett Creek marshlands with Medicine Lake on the horizon. As you traverse Plymouth and Golden Valley your entrance to Minneapolis will be through Theodore Wirth Park. A short ride or hike from Wirth Park will give you a Minneapolis skyline view from the north and take you close to major connections with the Cedar Lake Trail, Grand Rounds, the Midtown Greenway and more.

For ambitious trail users, or committed commuters, the Luce Line State Trail continues West of Vicksburg Lane on crushed limestone through Minnesota Prairie for more than 60 miles, nearly to Hutchinson. 

Rules of the Road

Review the rules of The Minnesota Share the Road Bicycle Safety Education Program. Following these eight simple rules of the road can help bicyclists and motorists share the road more safely and enjoyably.

Share the Trail logoShare the Trail

With trails as popular as ours, there can be a lot going on around you. Learn some tips for sharing the trails within and between the parks. It pays to be nice!

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