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Native wildflowers (Hepatica, Bloodroot, Merrybells, Solomon’s Seal), Peony, Mertensia, Primrose, Epimedium, Hellebores, Redbud, Azalea, Magnolia, and mature evergreens


Siberian Iris, Baptisia, Dianthus, Bleeding Heart, Sweet Woodruff, Aruncus, Pulmonaria, Rodgersia, Foam Flower, Columbine, Campanulaand Martagon Lily


Daylily, Monarda, Phlox, Astilbe, Perovskia, Veronica, Foxglove, Yarrow, Allium, Joe-Pye Weed, Lobelia, Culver’s Root, Balloon Flower, Filipendula, and an array of unusual annuals


Asters, Cimicifuga, Liatris, Hibiscus, Magic Lily, Monkshood, Sedum, Obedient Plant, Kirengeshoma, and ornamental grasses


Hydrangea, ornamental grasses and many perennials begin to take on autumn coloration. Native and non-native tree and shrub species also begin their autumn display.


Even after the leaves have fallen and the flowerbeds have been prepared for winter, you’ll find interesting and beautiful things in the gardens. Come see the dark silhouettes of trees, seedpods, colorful branches, and the golden hues of dried ornamental grasses.