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Lake Minnetonka Islands

Three Rivers Park District owns parkland on three islands on Lake Minnetonka: Wild Goose Chase Island, Wawatasso Island and a portion of Big Island. All of these areas are undeveloped and do not have drinking water or toilets available. Picnicking and fishing are allowed. Camping or overnight use is not permitted on any of the islands. The Park District does not provide transportation to or from the islands.

Wawatasso Island

Wawatasso Island is located on Lake Minnetonka south of Enchanted Island and north of Smithtown Bay. It consists of about 34 acres and has long been a favorite beaching spot for boaters, and there are informal hiking trails.

Wild Goose Chase Island

This island, also known as Goose Island, is located just outside Spring Park Bay. The island is three acres in size.

Big Island

The Park District owns a portion of Big Island, which is a protected area known as the Arthur Allen Wildlife Sanctuary with no facilities for the public. The remainder of the island, including the Big Island Veterans Camp, is not part of Three Rivers Park District.


Park District rules are posted on Wawatasso Island and Wild Goose Chase Island:

  • Use designated sites only.
  • Site use on first-come, first-served basis.
  • No overnight use.
  • Campfires in fire rings only.
  • Users must bring their own certified firewood.
  • Collecting of wood prohibited.
  • Grills are allowed.
  • No motor vehicles.
  • Pack out trash.

Three Rivers Park District Public Safety officers work in coordination with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Water Patrol to provide an enforcement presence on the islands. Overnight campers will be ticketed.