Trail Mix Zero Waste

A flag says zero waste

what you can do

We need your support to continue efforts to make Trail Mix a sustainable race.

  1. Register online and help us to go paperless.
  2. Provide your email address. All promotion of the event is emailed to prior participants. In addition, race bags are virtual to eliminate excess paper and printing. The Virtual Race Bag is emailed to all participants after the event with great offers from event sponsors.
  3. Sort your waste. Help make Trail Mix a “zero waste” event. We don’t want to slow you down on the course, so toss your waste near the aide station and our volunteers will dispose of it properly. After the race, look for waste containers in key locations. Almost all event items, including beverage containers and food waste, can be recycled or composted. If conditions are muddy, you can recycle your shoes in a special receptacle in the race village. Trash that can’t be recycled or composted is weighed. To be considered zero waste, trash cannot exceed one ounce per participant.
  4. Car pool to help reduce emissions and ease race day congestion.
  5. Recycle your runner numbers and pins by dropping them into the designated drop-off boxes located close to the finish line.

Here are a few more things that we are doing to “go green” with Trail Mix Race:

  • Event signage is recycled year to year.
  • All printed materials use FSC certified paper.
  • Trophies for race winners are locally produced.