What Is The Teen Council?

The Three Rivers Park District Teen Council serves as the voice for young people in our community as park users and environmental stewards. The Teen Council collaborates with Three Rivers staff on ideas and programs to engage teens in the parks. Members learn about all aspects of Three Rivers and work together to create a vision and goals that drive the Teen Council’s efforts for the year. Members also focus on developing leadership skills, professionalism, building relationships with their peers, engaging teens in the parks and supporting Three Rivers' vision to be inclusive and welcoming to our entire community. 

Teen Council Members

Meet the current Teen Council members.

How To Apply

The priority deadline for applications is August 25, 2021. Applications submitted after August 25 will be accepted until we fill all 12 positions on the Teen Council.

Apply Now

If you have any inquiries or would like to request accommodations concerning the application, please contact Kaja Vang at Kaja.Vang@ThreeRiversParks.org.

How Often Does the Teen Council Meet?

The Teen Council meets twice a month in person. Committee meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month, and park exploratory activities are on the third Sunday of the month. Outside of this, there are three full-day and/or overnight sessions throughout the school year: a fall onboarding retreat, a mid-year retreat and an end-of-term wrap-up retreat.

Council Member Duties

  • Commit to serving on the Teen Council for at least one year and attend all monthly meetings and scheduled sessions. 
  • Act as leaders in the Three Rivers to promote environmental stewardship and build partnerships between Three Rivers Parks and program centers and outside institutions as determined by the council. 
  • Work to plan and implement projects and objectives that the council decides on. 
  • Stay in communication with program facilitator and other Teen Council members as needed in between meetings. 
  • Willing to work independently and with direction to accomplish council goals. Willing to listen to other council members’ ideas to make consensus decisions.

The method of communication between members will be determined as a council. To reach program facilitator Kaja Vang, please email Kaja.Vang@ThreeRiversParks.org or call 612-508-2536.

Why Join?

All Teen Council members will be able to attend all-district teen volunteer fun days and receive a Three Rivers FUN Pass. Additionally, members can:  

  • Gain leadership and job skills in a natural resources-based park system
  • Develop confidence and increase school performance
  • Learn what jobs in the outdoors can look like
  • Increase exposure to their local ecosystems
  • Experience nature
  • Provide an opportunity to meet other teens and make new friends
  • Become comfortable in the outdoors
  • Increase interest in science, nature, and the outdoors