Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental stewardship is a long-standing hallmark of the Three Rivers Park District’s mission. Late in 2008, the Park District launched a focused sustainability initiative that incorporated economic, environmental, and social elements aimed at reducing the organization’s environmental footprint. In 2009, the Board of Commissioners approved sustainability targets for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), waste generation and groundwater use. These targets use 2008 as the baseline year from which to measure future changes. The following reports highlight plans for the future and accomplishments to date.

Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Plan
Future sustainability goals, targets and areas of implementation.

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2013–15 Report

Sustainability Program Update and Action
This report provides an assessment of the Park District’s sustainability program, evaluates metrics relative to the 2008 baseline, recommends strategies to meet future sustainability targets and provides a synopsis of completed program actions from 2013–2015.

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