Parking is free for personal vehicles in the general parking areas at Three Rivers parks and trails. Certain activities require a pass to park or participate within Three Rivers Parks. 

Buses, Vans and Commercial Vehicles

Buses and van groups are required to have a reservation to park or drop-off. This includes home school and commercial/non-commercial daycare groups. Groups making multiple trips per day are required to have a paid reservation and permit per trip/load. Parking fees for buses and vans are included in Park District program reservations. Call 763.559.6700 for more information.

Daily fees for buses and vans are $1.25 per person*

Buses and vans arriving without a permit are required to pay the daily fee as well as a $25 late fee.

*Fees do not include sales tax.

Transportation Fee Assistance

If your group, school, or program has a need for transportation funding to visit a Three Rivers Park District location, consider applying for the transportation fee assistance.