Ski Runs & Terrain Park

Hyland Hills trail map


Big FootEasiestClosed
Upper Ridge RunEasiestClosed
Lower Ridge RunEasiestClosed
Tattle TaleMore DifficultClosed
Beginner AreaEasiestClosed
KinderwaltzenMore DifficultClosed
GilboaMore DifficultClosed
Big MoeMost DifficultClosed
SitzMost DifficultClosed
French CliffMost DifficultClosed
SkylineMore DifficultClosed
BorealisMore DifficultClosed


South Terrain Park Freestyle TerrainClosed
North Terrain ParkFreestyle TerrainClosed

Trail Designations

Three Rivers Parks promotes responsible ski-area behavior. Know your ability and make yourself familiar with ski-area markings. Skiers and snowboarders should begin with the easiest trail and work up, no matter their ability level. All of the trails at Hyland Hills Ski Area are designated with the common trail marking symbols found throughout North America.

Green circle = easiest
Blue square = more difficult
Black diamond = most difficult
Orange oval = freestyle terrain (may include half-pipes, terrain parks and terrain features)