Green Camping

Green camping is one way that we can reduce our impact on the environment and preserve our natural resources by recycling paper, plastic, glass, cans and composting uneaten food. Composting is a form of recycling where you take waste and turn it into soil.

parking and tent

Three Rivers no longer accepts plastic bags in recycling bins.


  • Pack food in reusable bags and containers.
  • Avoid individually packaged snacks and drinks.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle and reusable dishes.
  • Bring what you can eat, and eat what you bring.
  • Say “no” to Styrofoam, plastic wrap and foil. (Tip: waxed paper is compostable).
  • Pack fruit that does not require packaging.
  • Compostable plates, cups and utensils are available in Baker Park Campground Office.
  • Use LED flashlights and lanterns.
  • Use biodegradable dish soap.

Sort Your Waste

Organics for Composting

For composting food and food-soiled paper


Glass, paper, juice boxes, cartons and plastic


Styrofoam, plastic wrap and foil