Goal Three: Lead by Example

We are intentional and innovative in meeting the needs of today while anticipating and protecting the needs of tomorrow.

We are caretaker to some of the region’s most precious natural resources and beloved parks, trails and nature-based offerings. We are responsible for the stewardship of these resources to meet the needs of today, as well as future generations. By setting clear priorities, investing in our resources and sharing our knowledge with others, we will fulfill our stewardship responsibilities and leave a legacy for others to follow.

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A woman paddles an adapted paddleboard on a lake.

How We Will Do It

  • Prioritizing long-range planning and funding to maintain what we have and prepare for new opportunities.
  • Incorporating the Visitor Experience Model, and Recreation Opportunity Spectrum to meet current and projected community needs.
  • Telling our story and sharing the impact of our work. 
  • Convening and leading our natural resources partners, including government agencies, public organizations, private entities and others, to identify and protect a system of natural resources to buffer and connect our parks.
  • Convening and leading our regional trail partners, including Hennepin County and other regional agencies, to manage, build and maintain the 2040 Regional Trail System throughout Hennepin County.
  • Recruiting and retaining industry experts, investing in training and professional networking and purposefully sharing our knowledge with others.

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