Goal Two: Parks Matter

We are essential to vibrant, healthy and livable communities.

Our impact on the community is much greater than simply providing outdoor recreation and education. We have the potential to positively influence many trends with otherwise disheartening outcomes, including declining health and wellness, loss of habitat, degrading air and water quality and reduced interest in nature. By staying true to our mission and rethinking how, when and where we deliver services, we can become better connected to the communities we serve and grow our impact by providing the following benefits:

  • Environmental benefits: Protecting natural habitats; improving air and water quality; managing resilient ecosystems.
  • Social benefits: Enhancing communities; improving the health and wellness of our visitors; connecting residents to each other, nature and the greater region.
  • Economic benefits: Increasing property values near parks, trails and open spaces; providing a nationally recognized quality of life that attracts and retains entrepreneurs, businesses and workers.

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A girl smiles as she bikes down a paved bike path.

How We Will Do It

Collaborate with partners to:

  • Identify, protect, restore and manage natural resources to create a connected system around our most significant natural areas.
  • Create new park and trail units where access is currently limited.
  • Develop nature-based education programs and recreation offerings in first-tier communities.
  • Employ a collaborative culture of creativity, responsivity and flexibility.

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