Educational Experiences for Everyone

Group Educational Programs

Reservations for the 2024–25 school year are now open. To schedule a group visit, please call 763-694-2001 or fill out this form to inquire.

Note: Filling out the form does not guarantee a date. We will reply within 48 hours by phone or email to confirm. Check your junk email box as a precaution. Thank you!

Whether you’re a school group, homeschool group, scout troop or other group, Gale Woods Farm offers exciting, hands-on programs for preschoolers through adults. Skilled, professional farm educators will create an experience with in-depth farm and garden activities to highlight your group's interests. Programs can last from two hours to all day and may include animal activities, simple farm crafts, garden and orchard explorations, cooking, and more.

LengthProgram Fees
2 hours$7.50/person ($112.50 minimum)
+2-3 hours$9.50/person ($142.50 minimum)
+3-4 hours$11.50/person ($172.50 minimum)


  • Animals at Work: Learn how farm animals work and contribute to a healthy environment. Feeding, veterinary care, and livestock management are all important parts of a farmer’s every day duties. Help the farmers care for sheep, chickens, cattle and the sheep-protecting dogs.
  • What’s for Lunch: Explore the farm-food connection. How does food get from a farm to your table? What foods can be grown in Minnesota? Explore the plant and animal sources of your food and learn the behind-the-scenes aspects of getting food to your table.
  • The Farm — Nature’s Classroom: The farmer plants and reaps, but Mother Nature truly produces our food through soil, water and sunlight. With hands-on activities in soil science, water quality testing, composting and other nature investigations, learn how the farm produces food and affects the environment.
  • Fiber or Cooking Class: These classes include some animal time but focus on a cooking or fiber activity. Designed for small groups of 5–15 people.


  • Let’s Get Growing: Spring brings new life! Farmers are busy caring for baby animals and preparing and planting fields and gardens. Discover what is growing on the farm by planting in the greenhouse or gardens and visiting the new animal arrivals.


  • Harvest Time: Discover the role of plants on a farm and in our lives. Fall is the time for harvest and an opportunity to explore the different ways plants benefit us. What are some of the ways we use plants? What parts of a plant do we use for food or fiber? Harvest plants from the garden for tasting and more.

Homeschool Groups

In addition to building their own group programs, homeschool groups can participate in a variety of homeschool programs that take place at Gale Woods Farm. These programs are for children ages 6-16. Find out more about homeschool programs at Three Rivers Park District.

Academic Standards

Gale Woods Farm's curriculum supports certain Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards. Download and review the Standards Matrix to decide which programs meet your needs.