French Regional Park Pavement Rehabilitation Project

The Park District will begin a pavement rehabilitation project at French Regional Park on April 3, 2017 and is expected to be complete in November 2017 (see project calendar). The project includes reconstruction of the Park roads, parking lots, and trails, incorporation of pervious pavers for stormwater quality, and pedestrian bridge improvements. The project will be completed in three construction phases to allow the Park to remain open:

Phase 1: April 3–June 30*

Roads, parking lots, and trails from the Visitor Center overflow parking lot to the Beach. The beach concrete will be removed and replaced. 

Phase 2: July 5–Aug. 31*

Reservation picnic area and Field Operations Center roads, parking lots, and trails.

Phase 3: Sept. 5–Nov. 3*

Roads, parking lots and trails from the County Road 9 entrance to the Visitor Center parking lot.

During Phases 2 and 3, Park users will enter the Park from a temporary entrance along 36th Ave. The temporary entrance will be removed at the end of construction.

All Phases: April–Nov. 2017*

Medicine Lake Regional Trail Detour.

*tenative schedule

Boat Launch

The boat launch will remain open during all phases of construction but will be intermittently closed during Phase 1 to complete construction along the road and boat trailer parking lot. Signage will be placed at the Park entrance indicating the boat launch status. The boat launch will be open on weekends and holidays.

More information

For further information, please contact Josh Bowe at 763.694.2063 or