Grow Your Legacy

You can leave a living legacy for generations to come. By donating to the Forests Forever program you will be restoring native forests and maintaining critical forest habitat for wildlife. You can make beautiful forests possible today and into the future. Please help support these continued efforts with your donation.

Give today!

How to Donate

Online | In person at your favorite park | By phone 763-694-2042

For questions or to begin the tree planting process for a specific donation level, please call 763-694-2042 or email

Choosing a Donation Level

We invite you to make your gift even more meaningful by choosing a donation level to celebrate a loved one or memorialize a special occasion. By choosing a donation level, you or a recipient of your choice will receive a document commemorating the tree you have planted. We will also permanently record your donation and planting details in the Three Rivers Tree Database, ensuring your tree is properly cared for. 

Before choosing from the donation levels listed below, please read about our tree planting timeline and planting season. To begin the tree planting process or if you have questions please call 763-694-2042 or email

Donation Options & Pricing

  • Dedicate a Tree: $800
    Select a tree species that holds special meaning to plant in a park of your choosing. This option includes a 10-year, comprehensive maintenance program to nurture your gift.
  • Sponsor a Tree: $250
    Support the care of an existing tree in your favorite park. Help ensure these vital guardians of our green spaces receive the nourishment they need to flourish. This option includes a 10-year, comprehensive maintenance program to nurture your gift.
  • Plant a Tree: $25 suggested donation
    Contribute to our ongoing reforestation efforts at Lake Rebecca Park Reserve. Every dollar helps us restore native forests and create a vibrant habitat for future generations.

What types of trees can be planted?

We plant a variety of trees throughout the year based on ecosystem need, park aesthetic and species availability.

The following trees are available for 2024:

  • Red oak
  • White oak
  • Bur oak
  • Bitternut hickory
  • Hackberry (spring planting season only)
  • Ironwood (spring planting season only)
  • Paper birch (spring planting season only)
  • Black walnut (limited availability)
  • Black cherry

When Are Trees Planted?

We care deeply about the forests within Three Rivers Park District and the trees that are planted. Every tree planted at Three Rivers is grown from a seed harvested in our region and takes years of love and care to grow. This makes every tree in a Three Rivers park unique.

To ensure that the trees have the best chance of survival once planted, we only plant trees during their dormant phase. Trees go into a dormant state from when they lose their leaves in the fall until the weather warms up in the spring. 

With shortening spring and fall seasons, along with increased spring and fall rainfall, there are times we are not able to plant during a typical planting season. For this reason, we are not always able to plant trees at every park every year. If you contact us at 763-694-2042 we can give you a list of the parks where planting will occur this year.

If you decide to donate a tree at a location on our planting list, we will work hard to plant the tree by the following fall season, although this is not always possible. Sometimes it takes up to a year and a half for there to be an opportunity to plant your tree. We understand that this can seem like a long time, but we want to give your tree the best chance at thriving for years to come.