Farm-to-Table Products

For a true farm-to-table experience, we offer a variety of products in our farm store that are grown or pasture-raised right at Gale Woods Farm. Availability and selection varies throughout the year. Sign up for the Gale Woods Farm Newsletter to learn about current and incoming farm products and specials.

A young girl holds up two freshly picked carrots

All meat is frozen and all products are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 763-694-2001 to check on availability on specific items before visiting the farm.


Our hens lay a mix of brown, white and blue-green eggs. They are raised cage-free without hormones or antibiotics, and are fed a conventionally grown corn/soy feed mix.

You can stop by the farm store and pack your own eggs by the dozen or individually. Bring your own carton and save $0.75. 

Due to the popularity of our eggs, there is a one-dozen limit per household per day. 


Our meat chickens are raised on pasture in portable pens. Chicks are purchased and raised for 10–12 weeks. They roam during the day eating grass, bugs and worms, and are penned at night for protection from predators. They are fed grain from local farms transitioning to organic (chemical-free, but uncertified) and receive no hormones or antibiotics. Chickens are processed in July or August. 

100% Grass-fed Beef

Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised. In the winter, they are fed hay grown on-site. At Gale Woods, we raise Galloway cattle, a breed known for their superior taste and their ability to thrive on pasture. Since this beef is extremely lean, it is important that it is cooked slowly using a lower temperature. Two-year-old steers are processed two to three times per year into a variety of cuts.


Our flock of sheep is Finnish Landrace, also known as Finnsheep. We raise them on pasture during the spring, summer and fall months. They are fed conventional grain from other farms and hay from Gale Woods. Lambs are processed at 8–11 months old into a variety of cuts. 


Our pigs are raised on pasture from late spring through mid-fall. They receive some of their nutrition by grazing on cover crops planted in the gardens during non-vegetable production years. They are also fed conventional grain and discarded garden and grocery produce. Pigs are usually processed in late fall into a variety of cuts.

Blended Products

Our blended sausage products are typically a blend of 70% grass-fed beef with 30% pork or 50% lamb with 50% pork. These may include breakfast links and brats.

Rendered Lard

Rendered lard processed on-site from our pasture-raised hogs is available throughout the year in quarter-pints and pints. Choose from leaf lard and regular back fat lard. 


Four bountiful acres of organically managed gardens provide a great diversity of produce. From common vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and lettuce to more unique crops, find something you love or try something new. 

Produce is available seasonally during Farm Store hours and during the Saturday farm market from mid-June through mid-October. If you are interested in picking up produce weekly from the farm, you can purchase community supported agriculture shares. Learn more about our produce buying options.

Other Products

Apples, mushrooms, honey and maple syrup produced on the farm may also be available seasonally.