Fall in Three Rivers

Fall is a time when everything feels crisp and fresh. When you can hear the leaves crunch under your feet and see rainbows of colors reflected in quiet lakes. Celebrate the season with Three Rivers. Below, find updates on fall colors in the parks, our favorite places to see fall colors, fall programs and events and much more.

Fall colors reflect on the shores of a lake.

Our Favorite Places for Fall Colors

Looking for the best places to see fall colors? Take some advice from a Three Rivers naturalist, and head to one of our favorite parks for fall colors or try one of our favorite fall hikes.

Do you know why leaves change color in the fall? Or what goes on inside a sugar maple? Find out what's happening in nature on the Three Rivers blog.

Three men look at large tomatoes on a table.

Fall Recipes & the Harvest

From colorful, savory squash to hardy leafy greens, fall harvest in Minnesota never disappoints. Browse fall recipe ideas from the cooks at Baker Outdoor Learning Center and Gale Woods Farm.

Want to learn more about the fall harvest? Read about September produce, the history of hard cider and pumpkins on the Three Rivers blog.

Fall Events

Want to learn more about the outdoors? Check out The Wandering Naturalist podcast. Hosts Brandon and Angela explore the natural and cultural history of Three Rivers and the surrounding area.