Donation Request

Three Rivers Park District believes it is important to give back to the community we serve, and each year it is proud to support hundreds of charitable events and organizations through in-kind donations. Requests are considered on an ongoing basis and fulfilled based on the guidelines and process below.


Three Rivers Park District will consider donation requests that have a charitable purpose, typically a donation item for a raffle or silent auction at a fundraising event. However, other requests that are charitable in nature will be considered.

In order to receive a donation from Three Rivers, the request must include a valid Tax ID/EIN for the organization requesting the donation.

The requesting organization must be based in the Twin Cities 7-county metro area.
The following types of requests will NOT be considered:

  • For-profit entities
  • Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns
  • Advertising, marketing or promotional materials
  • "Goody bag" or "grab bag" requests to provide a product for all event attendees

Due to the volume of requests received, Three Rivers is able to make one donation to an organization per calendar year.


Donation requests must be received at least four weeks prior to the event date. Requests should be submitted via the online request form. You will receive a confirmation email within one hour of completion. Requests may take up to three weeks to process, and approved requests will be sent out via post mail.