Deer Hunts

Three Rivers Park District actively works to keep white-tailed deer herds in balance with the available habitat. As part of its deer management plan, scheduled archery and shotgun hunts are offered at several parks.

Sharpshooting with trained staff is also used to remove deer from areas not suitable for hunting. Each year, aerial deer surveys are conducted in January or February to help determine where deer hunts should take place.

Deer in wooded area

Shotgun Hunts

Shotgun hunts are held in Elm Creek and Carver Park Reserves on alternating years during the second weekend of the gun hunting season. People interested in this hunt can apply online through the MN Department of Natural Resources website or at a licensing station when purchasing a hunt license. The applications are due in early September.

Archery Hunts

Three Rivers Park District conducts special permit archery hunts in a number of its parks. Hunts currently take place in Baker, Crow-Hassan, and Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserves and Cleary Lake, Eagle Lake, Fish Lake, French, and Spring Lake Regional Parks, and also at Gale Woods Farm. The dates for the hunts are announced in the spring of each year.

The Metro Bowhunters Resource Base (MBRB) is used to select the hunters. MBRB is open to all archers willing to follow their rules. Applications through MBRB are due July 31 of each year.

Crow-Hassan and Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserves are in the process of transitioning to MBRB selection. Hunters for the 2017 season have already been selected through the previous Three Rivers Park District system. MBRB will list these hunts starting in 2018.

Contact Us

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