Dakota Rail Regional Trail Resurfacing

The Dakota Rail Regional Trail will be resurfaced this summer, and the work will require closures of portions of the trail on weekdays between late June and early September. The entire trail will be open on weekends throughout the summer.

In preparation for the resurfacing, pavement repairs will be made between June 14 and 29. The trail will remain open during these repairs, but trail users are asked to use caution and obey all construction signs. This map shows the timeframe for pavement repairs on the trail.

Beginning June 21 and continuing approximately until July 9, the trail will be closed from County Road 110 W. to the Carver County border for resurfacing. Work will continue east for the remainder of the summer, with one trail segment closed at a time, until the entire project is complete around September 10. This map has details about construction dates and closures for the resurfacing.

The work involves installing a thin surface layer to seal the existing pavement and requires the trail to be closed for a few days to allow the material to dry. Drying time can vary, so a trail will typically remain closed until the entire segment is dry. The work helps extend the life of the pavement and ensure a smooth and consistent trail surface.