Big Year of Birds

In 2022, we're celebrating birds all year long! For us at Three Rivers, it's about conservation and connection. Birds connect us to nature in our own backyards and can spark curiosity about the faraway places they migrate to and from. They can help us learn about ecosystems and more about the natural world, reminding us the importance of being good environmental stewards for these creatures and their habitats.

Join our trained naturalists and bird experts for activities of all kinds throughout the year: hikes, talks, art installations, special events, field trips, workshops and more await!

Big Year of Birds Calendar

See the current list of programs and events for Big Year of Birds!

Big Count Events

Mark your calendars for special bird counting activities throughout the Park District.

  • June 11: Big Sit
    Count and identify as many different kinds of birds as you can while staying in one location for 12 hours. Find out all of the event details.
  • September 10: Big Day
    See how many different kinds of birds you see in one day within the park district.
    • Help us gather data on birds while spending the day with your birding friends in amazing habitats! Register a team of two to five people and see how many bird species you can identify in Three Rivers Parks between 7 AM and 5 PM. The first 10 teams to register will receive a goodie bag of birding swag! Birds identified will be logged in eBird. Join us at a local brew pub (location to be announced) to celebrate at the end of the day!
  • All year long, with a December 10 check-in: Big Year
    How many different species of birds can you see in the park district during 2022.

Discover the world of birding in the Young Birders Club! Learn all about native birds, and attend programs and events at nature centers in Three Rivers. Open to ages 9-12.

Learn more about birds on the Three Rivers blog, The Wandering Naturalist podcast, and more!

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