Baker-Carver Regional Trail Project

The Park District developed a regional trail master plan that will link Baker Park Reserve and Carver Park Reserve. When completed, the trail will measure approximately 17 miles from the Lake Independence Regional Trail in Baker Park Reserve to the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail in Carver Park Reserve. The regional trail will connect the Hennepin County communities of Medina, Maple Plain, Independence and Minnetrista and the Carver County communities of Laketown Township and Victoria. Users will have the ability to effectively traverse the entire north/south length of western Hennepin County.

The proposed regional trail will directly connect recreational destinations such as Baker and Carver Park Reserves, Gale Woods Farm and Kingswood Park, in addition to the Lake Minnetonka, Dakota Rail and Lake Independence Regional Trails as well as the Luce Line State Trail. The trail also will indirectly connect to Lake Minnetonka Regional Park. Some segments of the proposed trail already exist, or are planned for construction funding in the future.

Master Plan Details

The Three Rivers Park District Board of Commissioners adopted the Baker/Carver Regional Trail Master Plan in June of 2015.

City of Minnetrista Study

The City of Minnetrista conducted an independent study of the regional trail corridor through their community in 2011/2012, with several public input opportunities for Minnetrista residents. Three Rivers Park District blended the city of Minnetrista’s findings into the regional trail master plan.

2014 Joint Workshop

Three Rivers Park District staff attended a joint city council workshop of the Cities of Independence and Maple Plain on Feb. 25, 2014 to help identify a preferred regional trail alignment between the jurisdictions.

Meeting agenda | Presentation

2013 Open House

Three Rivers Park District, along with the cities of Independence and Maple Plain, held an open house for the public on Oct. 29, 2013 to learn more about the future regional trail in western Hennepin County. Several options for potential trail routes existed in Maple Plain and Independence, and public comment was solicited to recommend a preferred route. Public input regarding a preferred route alignment through Independence and Maple Plain was taken from Oct. 29 - Dec. 31, 2013.

View the Open House Boards: Overview | Concept | Alignments (page 1) | Alignments (page 2)

View the public comments summary

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