Baker Recreation Area Restroom Renovation Now Complete

The six original 1970s-era restrooms at Baker Park Reserve are now removed and have been replaced with 5 new structures.

In some cases, the new restrooms are in slightly new locations while others were built on the sites of the previous buildings. In all cases, the new restroom buildings feature individual, lockable unisex restrooms. At least two rooms in each building are considered "family-assist" and are fully accessible and include a changing bench. All buildings include new drinking fountains with a separate water bottle filler.

This project was funded by the Minnesota Parks and Trails Legacy Grant Fund Program.

A "before" picture of the 1970s-era bathroom at Baker Park Reserve.
A "before" picture of one of the 1970s-era restrooms at Baker.
An "after" picture of a newly constructed restroom at Baker Park Reserve.
One of six newly constructed restrooms at Baker.