renovation project – baker campground restroom buildings 3 and 4

Restroom buildings 3 and 4 at the Baker Campground are undergoing a significant renovation, with completion anticipated by the start of the 2022 camping season. The identical buildings were built in 1979 and are the last of the four campground restroom buildings to be remodeled. They were built prior to modern accessibility codes, so this project will incorporate significant accessibility improvements.

The core structures and walls will be left in place, and the buildings each will receive new sidewalks, a dishwashing station, a drinking fountain, siding, roofing, and all new interior finishes. Previously, the restrooms in the buildings had been designated as “men’s” and “women’s.” Following the renovation, each building will contain four individual gender-neutral restrooms, and two of the restrooms in each building will be fully accessible.  

The campsites around both buildings will remain open for the regular camping season, with temporary toilet facilities provided for campers during construction. When the project is complete, all four campground restroom buildings will be accessible.