Art-tastic Parties at Silverwood

a young girl paints a piece of pottery

Silverwood Park is an art-tastic place for a birthday party! Choose from a variety of art-inspired and nature-inspired party themes. Current offerings are listed below.

Our parties are two hours in length. The first hour is led by one of our educators, and the second hour is yours to enjoy.

Silverwood offers a number of seasonal and year-round birthday party options. Parties are held in the White Oak Classroom Building, located across the main parking lot from the Visitor Center. It includes the following amenities:

  • Indoor: single restroom, drinking fountain/bottle filler, tub sink, refrigerator/freezer, chairs, and 6-foot rectangle tables and chairs for materials and activities
  • Outdoor: access to the adjoining patio space with benches and picnic tables

Party families may provide their own refreshments, decorations, and compostable or reusable dishware/utensils.


The fee for a two-hour party for up to 15 youth participants and four adult attendees is:

  • $175 for non-clay programs
  • $225 for clay programs

Schedule a Party

Call 763-694-2065 or contact Silverwood’s Program Coordinator David Donovan for more details and scheduling.

Year-round Art Parties

Natural Process Painting

Squish and blow your way to exciting nature-inspired creations! Use washable paints to create a symmetrical work of art, and a straw-blown tree. If time allows, go on a short hike to gather inspiration for your works. For ages 4+.

Photos of two natural process paintings; one a butterfly and one a tree.

Paper Lantern

Try out a variety of watercolor painting techniques on specialty paper. Then, cut and fold your masterpiece as you turn it into your own paper lantern! A battery-operated light is included to illuminate your creation. For ages 4+.

Photos of handmade paper lanterns.

Shadow Puppets

Light up your party with entertaining shadow puppets! Create and assemble paper puppets inspired by constellation figures or create your own original puppet. Then, bring them to life with a light and a projector screen! For ages 6+.

Photo of a unicorn and swordfish shadow puppets.

Building Block Printing

Use interlocking blocks to create unique, nature-inspired designs. Then, using printmaking tools, add ink to your plate and pull a series of colorful prints! For ages 8+.

Photo of a building block print.

Clay Parties

Animal Plate

Make a one-of-a-kind plate in the shape of any of the following critters: bird, rabbit, owl (pictured), butterfly, or fish. Decorate your plate with fantastic patterns, natural textures, and underglazes! For ages 4+.

Photo of a clay animal plate shaped like an owl with leaf impressions.

Critter Masks

Create a one-of-a-kind disguise inspired by the colorful faces of local critters. Use texture and bright underglazes to transform your mask into the creature of your choosing. For ages 6+.

Photo of clay animal masks.

Nature Cup

Use fun textures from nature, stamps, and your creativity to build your new favorite cup! Decorate with your favorite colors. After firing, the cup will be liquid and food safe. For ages 6+.

A clay cup with a leaf design.