2020 Preventative Maintenance Projects

Each year, Three Rivers Park District identifies locations to perform preventative maintenance projects throughout the system to extend the life of the trails, parking lots and roadways. See the locations for the 2020 projects. The type of projects and anticipated impacts include the following:

  • Microsurfacing: This work involves the installation of a thin surface layer to seal the existing pavement. The work requires the trail to be closed for a few days to allow for the material to dry. Drying time can vary on an individual trail segment, so a trail will typically remain closed until the entire segment is dry. A trail repair project typically occurs one before a microsurfacing project to correct surface deficiencies.
  • Trail Repair: This work includes the repairing/filling of cracks and patching or replacing the concrete and bituminous surfaces with deficiencies. Trails will remain open during this work but users should be cautious when approaching active construction.
  • Chip Seal: This work involves coating the surface with an emulsion product followed by installation of small aggregate. Once the aggregate is embedded into the emulsion the excess material can be removed and the pavement can be reopened to users.
  • Striping: Restriping of the surfaces will occur after a microsurfacing, chip seal and in areas where larger pavement sections have been repaired. Parking lots will be temporarily closed during installation. Trails and roads will remain open to users.