Forests Forever


A tax-deductible donation to our Forests Forever program leaves a living legacy for generations to come. Through this fund, we restore woodlands and native forests that have been previously converted to agriculture or development, as well as provide critical habitat for wildlife threatened by urban growth. Donations are accepted throughout the year for the spring and fall planting seasons.

A donation to Forests Forever is an excellent way to honor a special person or mark a special occasion. Three Rivers Park District will permanently record your donation and planting details. We will also mail a note card or certificate to you or a specified recipient within ten business days.

To donate to Forests Forever, call 763.559.9000 or make an online contribution now for one or more trees at our $25 “Plant a Tree” level.

Reforestation Planting Fund

Donations of any amount are accepted toward the reforestation of a native forest plant community within the Park District using small seedlings that cost approximately $1 each. The Park District will determine the most appropriate species and locations.

Plant a Tree

For a $25 donation, we will plant a young 6- to 10-foot native tree in a designated reforestation area. The Park District will determine the most appropriate species and location. It takes four to six years to establish the forest, at which time a new reforestation area is started at another targeted location within the Park District. Make an online contribution at this level for one or more trees.

Sponsor a Tree

For a donation of $100 or more, you can sponsor a large 12- to 15-foot native tree. While the tree species will be selected by staff, you or an honoree may select the park in which the tree is planted from a list of available sites identified in our annual planting plan. We can inform you of the species and provide you with a map identifying the location of your tree once the planting details have been determined.

Dedicate a Tree

For a donation of $400 or more, you or an honoree can choose a more mature 12- to 20-foot native tree species (from a list of appropriate species for each specific location) and assist in selecting the planting site. You can also schedule and participate in the planting as an individual or group, using the event as a personal opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one or celebrate a special occasion, if desired.