Did you know archery is one of the oldest arts still practiced today? Modern advancements in the equipment mean this sport is even more accessible to archers of any age. Grab your bow and arrows and come and give it a try at Elm Creek or Carver Park Reserve. Stationary ranges offer targets at a variety of distances, as well as a shooting tower. Or test your marksmanship with a walk-through range featuring multiple shooting stations. 

Range open/closed

Carver Archery Range:
Range (open year-round) & Walking Course (open)

Elm Creek Archery Range:
Range & Walking Course (open)

Programs and Events

Upcoming archery programs and events.


A pass is required for archers. Youth age 15 and younger are free but must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Daily Passes

  • A $6 daily pass* may be purchased online or at pay boxes located at each archery site.
  • A one-time credit of a $6 daily archery pass* can be applied to the cost of an annual archery pass when purchased in person at staffed park facilities or by mail at Three Rivers Park District Administrative Center.

Annual Passes

  • Annual passes may be purchased online, by calling 763.559.6700, or at Park District facilities.
  • If you purchase your pass online or over the phone, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email which will serve as your seven-day temporary pass. You can expect to receive your recreation pass card in the mail in about one week.
  • If you already have a recreation pass card, any newly purchased annual pass will be immediately added to your card.
  • Can be used at any Three Rivers Park District archery range.
  • Annual passes are valid for twelve months from the date purchased.

Replacement Passes

Recreation pass cards can be replaced if lost or damaged for a $5* fee. Call 763.559.6700 to request a replacement card.

*Sales tax not included.

Archery Range Rules and Policies

Failure to adhere to Park District Ordinances, Rules, and Agreement may result in a citation and/or revocation of pass. The Park District reserves the right to reject or cancel passes for any reason.

General Rules and Regulations

  • The ranges are designated for archery use only.
  • Stay within boundaries of the range.
  • Crossbow use is allowed at the designated crossbow site in the stationary range but
    is prohibited in the walk-through range. Note: Crossbow sites are being developed in 2018. Call park for update.
  • Retrieve lost arrows quickly. Do not go beyond search area limits.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in range area.
  • Practice good sportsmanship and common sense.

Stationary Range Rules

  • Do not shoot until everyone is behind the shooting line.
  • Broadhead use is allowed at the designated broadhead site in the stationary range
    or on targets provided by the archer.
  • Personal 3D or broadhead targets may be placed in front of the stationary targets.
  • Do not shoot at a broadhead target with field points to prolong the life of the target.
  • Everyone must retrieve arrows at the same time.
  • When people are waiting:
    • Maximum 5 arrows per round when people are waiting.
    • Maximum 3 rounds per target when people are waiting.

Walk-Through Range Rules

  • Follow the designated course by the numbers.
  • Leave bow on hanger when retrieving arrows, except for site #1 at Carver.
  • No shooting outside of designated shooting lines.
  • Shooting of broadheads is prohibited in the walk-through range.
  • Maximum 1 round per target when people are waiting.

Other things to do



Camping tent and fire

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Kayakers lined up for a lesson

Recreate on the water with canoeing, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. Get exercise and fresh air while you explore the shorelines and bays where motorized boats can’t go.

Fishing / Fishing Pier


Fishing pole and view of lake

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