Three Rivers Deer Hunts Begin Sept. 27

September 17, 2019

Three Rivers Park District will conduct scheduled deer hunts in an effort to keep deer herds in balance with available habitat. Some parks will be closed during the hunts.

Archery deer hunts will take place in a number of parks throughout the Park District. These parks will remain open and will allow access to paved and turf trails, dog areas, horse trails, golf courses, and picnic areas during the hunt period. These include:

  • Cleary Lake: Sept. 27–29, Oct. 25–27
  • Fish Lake: Sept. 30–Oct. 2, Oct 28–30
  • Coon Rapids Dam: Sept. 30–Oct. 2, Oct. 28–30
  • Gale Woods: Sept. 30–Oct. 2, Nov. 4–6
  • Baker: Oct. 4–6, Nov. 1–3
  • French: Oct. 7–9, Nov. 4–6
  • Spring Lake: Oct. 7–9, Nov. 11–13
  • Eagle Lake: Oct. 14–16, Nov 12–14
  • Crow-Hassan: Oct. 18–20, Nov. 22–24
  • Murphy-Hanrehan: Oct. 11–13, Nov. 22–24
  • Lake Rebecca: Dec. 13–15

A shotgun deer hunt is scheduled November 16 and 17 at Carver Park Reserve. A youth mentored shotgun hunt is scheduled for November 29–December 1, at Lake Rebecca Park Reserve. During the shotgun hunts, these parks will be closed.  

Three Rivers Park District selects a limited number of archery hunters by a preference lottery through the Metro Bowhunters Resource Base (MBRB). A limited number of shotgun hunters are selected by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Hunters have already been selected for this year’s hunts.

In addition to temporarily closing the parks to the public, the Park District takes several measures to ensure the safety of nearby residents. For parks that have homes located adjacent to park borders, shotgun hunting boundaries are established well within park property. Hunters may not go beyond these boundaries unless they are accompanied by a Park Police officer. In addition, all archery and shotgun hunters must attend a pre-hunt orientation that stresses hunt safety procedures. Deer hunters must also follow all applicable DNR regulations.

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