Starting April 1, Three Rivers Will Not Accept Plastic Bags in Recycling Bins

April 01, 2019

Did you know that plastic bags don’t belong in recycling containers? One plastic bag can stop an entire recycling facility — damaging equipment and potentially creating hazards for its workers. To join the efforts in making Minnesota a leader in proper waste management, Three Rivers Park District is no longer accepting plastic bags in recycling containers beginning April 1, 2019.

Tips for recycling in the parks:

  • Don’t bag your recyclables. Keep recyclables loose when placing them in the containers at campgrounds, picnic areas, play areas, swim ponds, beaches and any park location.
  • If using a plastic bag to collect recyclables, dump the recyclable materials from bags into the appropriate bin and trash the plastic bag or reuse it.
  • Avoid using plastic bags altogether and take reusable bags with you when you picnic, camp, play or swim!
  • Download free tools and learn more about recycling best practices.

Help Three Rivers commit to recycling right and share best practices with your family and friends to keep plastic bags out of the recycling!